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Social Media 
Marketing Packages

Plan Includes development of sufficient 
pre-approved content of a news, educational or informational nature about the firm or its practice areas.
Sufficient copy for 2/month for 12 months = 24 blurbs. This content can be supplied by the client or we can develop this copy.

Monthly posting fees includes twice monthly posts to the following:
1• Facebook 
2• LinkedIn Updates and Posts
3• Twitter posts
4• Adaptation to your website news and sent 
    to your webmaster for he/she to post

PLAN A - Using your copy

Prepping and posting of your copy.

Monthly fee  $75

Limit: 2 posts per month/24 per year for all 4 media above

Accent photo: Add a stock accent photo to all your posts.

Monthly Fee for Plan A with accent photo  $90

PLAN B - Using our copy

We will develop content for two social media posts for your review and approval.

We will prep, post and add accent photo.

Monthly Fee for Plan B with accent photo  $135

Limit: 2 posts per month/24 per year for all 4 media above

JURIS communications llc

Madison Avenue

creative quality at main street fees

One of Juris's strongest assets is its unique ability to deliver professional quality marketing and communication services at fees that sole practitioners, general practices and smaller practitioners can afford. For example... 
Print Ads  - Don't miss out on an opportunity to promoteyour practice in the local community with a print ad sponsorship. Juris will provide your firm with a stylish, professional ad that will convey your message and your brand identity to the local market. 
Brochures/attorney cards 
 Every law practice needs a brochure to use as a prospecting tool or leave behind. Even in this digital age, a nice brochure lends credibility and confidence.
We offer a range of brochures, literature and 
attorney cards in print, pdf or digital formats.

 * Website Design
   Incredibly low fees for a starter website of 
   a 2-4 pages. Juris will provide the design, 
   content guidance and direction. You will have to 
   provide basic info about your practice. This is a 
   great starter site for a smaller firm, start-up or 
   sole practitioner. Some restrictions apply. Ask for 
 * Social Media - custom pages 
If you are baffled by the thought of using Facebook or LinkedIn to build your practice, let us help. We can build you a custom page for your practice/firm that lets the social media market view you as an entity. This will do great things to boost your brand and generate leads.

Our Services

Juris Communications is a unique, dedicated specialist created to provide marketing consultation and advertising/communication services to the legal profession, including:

marketing strategy and marketing plans 

branding and practice identity:logos,  

  slogans,stationery, icons 

brochures/literature, including folders, flyers  

  and cards-- in print and digital formats

advertising services for print, TV, radio and


website design and optimization,

  including search engine visibility 

social media marketing programs, including custom

  attorney/firm pages for Facebook and LinkedIn, 

digital marketing programs such as e-newsletters,

   and streaming video